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In the world of video content creation, there is a huge difference between getting the attention of the audience and holding their attention. In order to get more views and saves on your video, you need to create engaging content that keeps the viewers hooked for longer. The goal is to create videos that encourage your viewers to interact with you.

The following points will guide you through the process of creating a strategy for making engaging content that will get you more YouTube views and saves.

  1. Try to find out the preferences of your audience

You might have great ideas for content for your channel. However, you will not get the views and saves for your video content until you determine what your audience wants to see. First of all, you need to look for signs of engagement, which can be observed in the form of comments, likes, audience retention rates and new subscribers. If you see enough of these, it means that the viewers are more likely to save videos from your channel for future reference.

You can determine the preferences of your viewers by creating a poll card within the video or in the comment section. Another great way is to see the comments of the audience of your competitor’s channel. Once you find out what is on the mind of your viewers, you will be able to adapt your content to suit their needs.

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  1. Create YouTube Playlists

One of the best ways to get more YouTube views for your channel is by creating a playlist. Besides organizing your videos neatly, YouTube playlists also allow your viewers to play your videos on a loop because of the inherent features of these playlists. When your viewers watch it on loop, the watch time for your channel will automatically go up. The viewers will also have the option of saving the entire playlist for future reference.

The greatest advantage of creating playlists is that it will allow people to watch many of your videos in the same session. It will also push your channel in the recommendation list, which will allow you to gain more views and subscribers. It is important to create the playlist strategically so that the videos that are related or complement each other are included in the same playlist. If you throw in unrelated content in a playlist, you could end up losing your viewership quite fast.

  1. Give Your Audiences a Reason to Stay

Most people, on average, spend more than an hour every day watching online video content. So it is useful to determine how you can get people to stay on your channel for longer and save videos from your channel in their library. You should try to communicate to the audience about the benefits they will derive from watching the video. For instance, if your video is about dog training, you should try to tell the audience about the benefits of dog training. The explanation should also be compelling enough so that the viewers come back to it for reference.

When you present the audience with an instructional video, it is important to present the content in a concise manner. This is why you need to plan your content ahead of time. Create a video script to get to the point faster so that the interest of your audience is maintained.


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